Superscriptions: A (super-)thin Python2.7 wrapper around the Superfeedr PubSubHubbub API.

It uses the excellent requests module by Kenneth Reitz for interacting with the Superfeedr API endpoints. As a result, all responses are available (as object attributes on the superscription object itself) in their entirety, should you choose to introspect and/or work with them further.


  1. The various hub.modes offered by Superfeedr are made available as straightforward & intuitive methods.
  2. An (almost) one-to-one mapping of allowed parameters to keyword-arguments for these methods.
  3. Each response is available in its entirety for inspection if needed, thanks to Kenneth Reitz’s excellent requests module.

Basic Usage

Basic usage is pretty straightforward and looks like this:

>>> from superscription import Superscription
>>> ss = Superscription("Marvin", "PainInMyDiodes")

More examples and details available in the documentation!

Please feel free to add to/modify the documentation and the project by forking and submitting a PR.